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1 of 9 - A 22' wide x 43' long x 13'6" tall N.B.C. Shelter being installed. It also has a walkway with a blast door that will come above ground away from the 3 story home being built over the shelter. It has an extra room off the back of the main shelter with beds. It has (2) N.B.C. filtering systems, (6) blast valves, (2) blast door entrances, an elevator, spiral staircase, living room, kitchen, bathroom, walkway with battery bank, (2) large storage rooms, ect.

2 of 9 - The 28" pipe around the shelter has been drilled out thru the pipe and about 20' below the bottom of the shelter. These pipe were layered with rebar from top of the pipe to 20' below the shelter. Each pipe and hole were then poured full of concrete. We then built frames out from the shelter 16" away. We then poured concrete 16" thick around and over the top of the shelter.

3 of 9 - We were finishing installing wiring, ect. into the shelter and putting the dirt around the shelter.

4 of 9 - The shelter after we finished the dirt work. After this, they started building the 3 story home.

5 of 9 - Walk-thru blast door being detailed to the owners specifications. It has 1" thick plate metal on front. Behind that, it has a 1/4" thick stainless steel plate. Over that it has armored plate. Between this with all the heavy braces, we filled the door with concrete.

6 of 9 - This shows the door as it is being finished. You can see the large pins that hold the door closed once the door is closed. You can see the magnetic lock at the top that has over 4,000 pounds of pull also, once engaged. All the door likes at this point is completing the coatings.

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1 of 4 - 3 piece fallout shelter being installed in Arkansas

2 of 4 - Installing one section of the shelter (7'T x 8'W x 25'L). The shelter has 4 fold-up beds. The shelter's entry door will be inside the home they are building.

3 of 4 - Installing the walkway to the main shelter. This walkway has a regular storm shelter door with regular steps and handrail. Inside this walkway, you have a walk thru blast door. The entrance has an 8 ton door jack in case debris is blown on top of the door. The shelter also has an emergency escape hatch.

4 of 4 - Installing the 7'T x 6'W x 10' L shelter that has the enclosed sewage system inside. It also has a lot of room for storage.

This is a 6'T x 5'W x 30'L walkway that will be hooked to (2) large N.B.C. shelters. It has a storm shelter door entrance with regular steps and handrail. About halfway down the walk, you have a walk thru blast door. This walk also has 2 beds end to end and a vault door entrance going into the main shelter.

N.B.C. Filtering System. This unit stops any gases, chemicals, germs, ect. from entering the shelter. It has an electric motor and hand pump. You can see the pre filter and intake blast valve above the N.B.C. system. This is inside a 6'T x 8'W x 20'L fallout shelter with a 3'W x 5'T x 12'L walkway.

Two ventilation systems installed inside a large NBC Fallout Shelter.

Sewage System. All you need is the commode. It has a stainless steel pump that pumps the sewage out of the shelter and into your septic tank ect.. It also has a hand pump in case electrical power is lost. We have all the appropriate lines run thru the top of the shelter.

1 of 5 - (2) 7'T x 8'W x 25'L fallout shelters with 20' long walkway. This is the first of 3 sections being set and leveled into the concrete foundation.

2 of 5 - Installing the second section of the fallout shelter. You can see the vault door entrance where you will enter the shelter from the walkway

3 of 5 - Installing the 20' long walkway from the blast door entranceway to the main (2) shelters.

4 of 5 - This shows the joint installation of (2) 7'T x 8'W x 25'L fallout shelters with the 20' walkway and blast door entrance. The shelters have been welded together and recoated. You can see all the appropriate vent pipes, electrical inlets, water inlets, cable, computer, ham radio inlets, ect.

5 of 5 - This is a shot inside the shelter which consists of (2) 7'T x 8'W x 25'L fallout shelters installed with two openings between them. You can also see the 3'W x 5'T x 20'L walkway leading out to the above ground blast door. This walkway also has a vault door into the main shelter.

1 of 2 - This shows the blast door that will open into a 3' long concrete walkway from the basement to the shelter. The home owner is having the concrete walkway added between the shelter and the basement.

2 of 2 - Fallout Shelter being installed in Tennessee. Carport will be built on top of this shelter. This shelter is 10'W x 7'T x 20'L, and has a 3' x 6' x 12' walkway with blast door. It also has a walk through blast door on the other end that will open into the basement of this home.

This is an 8'T x 12'W x 26'L fallout shelter with a 4' long walkway and walk through blast door. The home owner is also building a concrete walk from his basement out to the shelter. This shelter is in New Jersey.

7'T x 8'W x 20'L fallout shelter with a 6'T x 3'W x 20'L walk from blast door entrance into the main shelter. This shelter has a vault door from the walkway into the main shelter. It has a sewage system, (4) fold-up beds, emergency escape hatch, 8 ton door jack, shelves, ect.. This shelter was installed close to San Antonio, Tx.

6'T x 6'W x 20'L fallout shelter with 5'T x 3'W x 12'L walkway. This shelter has a 4' tall door base with blast door. It has the N.B.C. filtering system, sewage system with hand pump, (2) fold-up beds, 8 ton door jack, ect..

Small fallout shelter installed in Iowa in 2003.

6'T x 6'W x 20L fallout shelter with 5'T x 3'W x 12'L walkway extension. This walk helps stop radiation from entering your main shelter. This shelter has sewage system with electrical motor and hand pump. It has the (NBC) nuclear, biological, and chemical filtering system, 8' tall door base, vault, ect.. We put this shelter in southern Florida. We had to build metal plates to slide down onto the braces you see around the top of the shelter. We had poured 20 yards of concrete under the shelter. We had to put enough sand on top of the shelter to sink the shelter down into the concrete. The shelter had anchors on the bottom that went down into the wet concrete. We also had (6) 2' square anchors on the sides of the shelter. It was (3) on each side. We let them down into the concrete and pinned them off with (12) 2" bolts. We then poured 5 1/2 yards on each of these (6) anchors. Once they built up their location for their house, the shelter door comes up inside the home. You can also see the emergency escape hatch on the other end that came up just below the surface of the ground away from the home.

This is the air exhaust with the blast valve at the far end of this small room added to a larger fallout shelter.

Installing a 8’W x 14’L x 7’T Fallout Shelter with a 3’W x 12’L x 6’T walkway.  Installed in Stewart , Tennessee in 2006.

This is the shelter after it was covered.

This drawing is only one example of how we can set up a series of shelters.  We can install to your specs with any options that you need.
There are 33 10’W x 30’L x7’T Fallout Shelters with 6 50-person NBC ventilations systems and 4 25-person NBC ventilation systems.  There are also:

    4 Large Fuel Cell Tanks

    4 Large Water Tanks

    2 Large Generators

    2 Small Generators

    8 Bathrooms – Each with commode, sink, shower, and hot water heater.

    1 Large Kitchen with Appliances, Cabinets, ect. 




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