3D Model of Our Fallout / Bomb Shelter

What is a N.B.C. fallout shelter?

N.B.C. stands for nuclear, biological, and chemical. A N.B.C. fallout shelter is a structure that offers protection from any nuclear, biological, and/or chemical disaster or emergency.

Many shelters on the market cut corners, use substandard materials, or just ignore the guidelines and call any shelter stuck in the ground a N.B.C. shelter. We do not. All of our shelters are designed by a certified structural engineer. All of our shelters meet or exceed all of the F.E.M.A. guidelines. Our N.B.C. fallout shelters have corrosion protection that can triple the life of the shelter over many if not most of our competitor's fallout shelters.

Why do I need a N.B.C. fallout shelter?

The United States has over 100 operating nuclear power plants and 16 non-operating power plants. There are also a large number of nuclear fuel and weapon facilities. An attack or accident at one of these facilities could cause a nuclear blast. These plants and facilities are each vulnerable to air strikes, truck bombs, boat bombs, and the well-equipped and well-armed single madman or small group of terrorists. Protection against the resulting fallout would be a must. List of plants.

With terrorist countries like Iran, Libya, North Korea, and Sudan, we need to protect ourselves more than ever. This is not mentioning the terrorist organizations that are thriving in country's like Afghanistan (13 known organizations), Pakistan (12), Lebanon (10), India (9), and Iraq (6). Full list.

A nuclear blast is not the only thing that we have to fear from the terrorist countries and organizations. There is also the very real threat from biological and chemical agents that could be deployed in a number of ways. Biological threats such as anthrax, smallpox, botulism, tularemia, and pneumonic plague. Chemical threats such as sarin, hydrogen cyanide, sulfur mustard, chlorine, agent 15, and ricin. We need to be prepared.


During a Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical emergency all reliable sources say to find a room with as few doors and windows as possible.  This room should be already stocked with emergency supplies such as water, food, batteries, flashlights, bedding, emergency radios, and plastic sheeting and duct tape for sealing the windows and doors.  If it is a Nuclear or radiological emergency, the room should be low in the building.  If it is Chemical emergency, they say the higher the room in the building the better. 

Our N.B.C. Fallout Shelters will protect you and your loved ones from all Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical emergencies, in one place, at a moment’s notice.  Not to mention that the shelter offers further protection as a storm shelter or safe room. 

Our NBC Fallout Shelters = Peace of Mind.

We Excel at building custom shelters for:

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Looking for a Storm Shelter or Safe Room? F-5 Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms is a division of NBC Fallout Shelters.


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Robert and Marsha Taylor
Robert & Marsha Taylor.
I started this business in 1995. "I am very proud of what I do. We have excellent shelters and we do not cut corners when building them."

3D Model of Our Military Grade Fallout / Bomb Shelter


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